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Williams Family
of Little Utah

Descendants of Sarah Ann Parker and Allen Raymond Williams

Elizabeth Nettles & Ettie Williams atop 'Bill' the Mule
John Henry Williams [1879-1957]
Calvin Washington Williams (1861-1937)


In records and reminiscences of the Latter-day Saints along the upper forks of the Satilla River, no surname occupies more space than Williams.” Dotting the timeline, as well as the landscape, the descendants of Allen Raymond Williams and Sarah Ann Parker Williams long ago achieved a status as something akin to a first family of the Satilla/McDonald Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). They certainly predominated the ranks of those early converts in the area whose commitment and influence established their community’s reputation as a local bastion of Mormonism and earned its imposed, yet iconic moniker: Little Utah.” 

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