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Daniel P. & Matilda Vickers

Daniel Peterson Lott, known to all as "Dan" or "D.P.," was born on 26 June 1848, the third child of Elisha E. Lott, Sr. [1822-1886] and his first wife, Mary ("Polly") Moore Lott. He and his family belonged to one of many branches in the massive Lott Family tree of South Georgia, whose members were among the most powerful and influential in the region. His father was a prominent figure in local politics, and was Coffee County's representative in Georgia's Confederate state legislature. His grandfather was Judge Daniel Lott, Sr. [1791-1872], in whose home the county was officially created, its first officers appointed, and its first court sessions held.


In 1871, he married Matilda Vickers, a daughter of Eli S. Vickers and Rebecca Paulk, who went by "Tilda." Hers was an equally large and important lineage, as the Paulks and Vickerses dominated the citizenry of western, and southwestern Coffee County, respectively.  

Daniel Peterson Lott

  Daniel Peterson Lott 

     1848 - 1912    

Dan, Tilda, and their family lived for many years on their farm near Mill Creek, in the vicinity of the extinct village of Birds Mills, where their ancestors and others had operated a post office, two large mills, and several other enterprises at the intersection of two major post routes since the 1850s. Though the tiny town had faded over time, the Lotts had remained, and produced generations of successful, beloved members of the community. 


In converting Dan and Tilda Lott, the Elders won the support and affections of a highly respected family with formidable influence in South Georgia. 

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